Add the ability for Insights to use Database Views.

Idea created by flullven_sppd on Oct 29, 2018
    • flullven_sppd
    • cathsaigh
    • KDChrist
    • jpacosta

    We would like to see the ability added to access database views from within Insights for ArcGIS (Enterprise Portal). This would provide the ability for the users to utilize information/data from multiple tables within multiple databases from the current database connection into a single meaningful view. Currently database views are not supported, just database tables. If we bring in a database view into Insights, certain fields are not parsed correctly (i.e., the data/time field broke down into additional Day, Month, Year attributes that can be selected). Additionally, when enabling location using x and y coordinate data, the map tries to aggregate features that share coordinates instead of making them individual events. Overall, functionality is degraded. By adding the capability for Insights (and perhaps other Esri applications) to utilize database views, we as a GIS community would be able to create more robust map and analytic products that can be dynamically updated.