Pro: Ctrl+Click/drag to duplicate layer in TOC

Idea created by NDierks@BoxElder on Oct 29, 2018
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    I often find myself duplicating layers, when I want to play around with different symbologies or definition queries without messing up what I've already got. Right now, the only method I can find for duplicating layers like this in Pro is the following:


    1. Right-click the layer in the TOC
    2. Click "Copy"
    3. Right-click the map in the TOC
    4. Click "Paste"
    5. Click and drag the layer to move it where you need it


    ArcMap had a much faster approach:

    1. Hold down Ctrl
    2. Click the layer in the TOC and drag it where you want the duplicate


    Not only is this much faster and smoother, but it also lets you drop your newly-duplicated layer exactly where you want it, instead of automatically inserting it at the top of the TOC. Yes, it's a fairly minor change, but it does result in significantly fewer clicks, which is something Pro is in desperate need of throughout its interface.