Parcel Fabric Plans Table: Lock System Default Plan

Idea created by fellj on Oct 22, 2018
    • fellj

    On a couple of occasions the integrity of the system default plan within the plans table of our parcel fabric has been lost. We work in a multi-user editing environment using versioning in an enterprise geodatabase. The problem results when an editor accidentally changes the properties of the system default plan. While it is good to help users be aware not to change these properties, it would be helpful to have an option to lock the system default plan so that it cannot be changed. Or at least, allow it only to be changed by an administrator. I understand that typically in the geodatabase permissions are at the object level and not at the row level, so this may be a challenge to implement, however, the gains I believe would be beneficial. For example, if the default plan is altered accidentally, if and when the problem is identified, all incorrectly located parcels will need to be moved to the correct system default plan. This is a costly procedure in relation to time and effort. Especially in a multi-user editing scenario, because coordination needs to occur on the part of the individual fixing the erroneous plan through the appropriate reconcile and post procedure.


    If there are workflows where locking the system default plan is not feasible, then perhaps providing a check box during creation of the parcel fabric would make this functionality optional to each organization.