Operations dashboard - swap out web map option

Idea created by geodoozer on Oct 21, 2018

    Within the map configuration settings, would it be possible to offer options to:

    • Swap out the web map for a new one?
    • Map the previous layers referenced in the dashboard to new ones (assuming similar schemas)?


    My challenge is that I have a dashboard comprising a map, 5 charts, 2 indicators, date and category selectors.  There are a wealth of complex actions set up.  I wish to create version 2 in parallel so I don't damage version 1.  This is presently  difficult because if I save out a copy of the dashboard then remove the web map, all items referencing it are deleted.


    A further challenge is that my layers have complex symbology and were published to ArcGIS Online using ArcGIS Pro to retain this.  Should the data change in future, like further categories be added, I will need to republish from Pro.  To integrate the new data into my dashboard would seem to then require a rebuild of the web map also the dashboard.


    Open to suggestions if I am missing something!


    See also Operation dashboard - Add the ability to save as a template idea.