Enhance the Locate Tool

Idea created by njbarger on Oct 12, 2018
    • patel1684
    • njbarger

    I like the concept of the Locate Tool.  I like the ability to be specific about what I am looking for in each layer.  I also like that I only have to set this up once... not every time I open the project.


    However, I feel like there is a lack of real world QA/QC on ESRI's part.  The find tool has continuously been a problem for many people.  It fails to meet the basic needs of the average user.  I'm going to make an assumption that ESRI uses a very small dataset to test these tools on.  If correct the current tools work.  You can click on the results, (probably aren't many), and see where they are.


    For those of us that work at a County or State level doing something as simple as locating a street becomes cumbersome.  If I select Main St I may get over 100 results in multiple municipalities within my County.  All ESRI provides in the locate tool is a Street Name (Main St) and an Object ID (or whatever you have listed as the Display Name.  The other option of changing the explore tool to Candidate Popup is ok...but still not real functional for large number of results.


    In a previous version of ArcGIS Pro (2.1) you could click on the  button to display all of the fields that you defined as a search field.  This was great!  I could pick key fields that I wanted to display... I could click that button to show additional information and I would quickly find the record without having to click on the results one at a time.  Now, with ArcGIS Pro 2.2.2 and 2.2.3 this functionality is gone.


    So PLEASE bring this back.  The button shown above is useless unless it shows more than just the display field.