Embedding Your Info Graphics into Story Maps!?

Idea created by KH784853_WCUPAGIS on Oct 11, 2018
    • ARudowski@msd.utah.gov_slco
    • lharper_manateegis

    Is there a way to embed infogrphics into a storymap??? For example i would like to embed infographics from community analyst into a story map so i can show my findings. The same goes for reports from Business analyst, I found a way to embed the reports into story map but the only way i could do it was by publishing my reports by adobe and then using the link and embedding it into the story map as a clickable link that takes you to the report. 




    It would be so much easier and smoother to just be able to embed the actual reports and infograpgics into the story maps. So what you see from Community Analyst and Business Analyst can be see the same way on your Story Map. 


    SO my questions is; If anyone has found a way to do this then please let me know. And if any of you esri people read this, then please work on adding this feature to story maps, IT WOULD BE SO COOL! Thanks. 



    BUT WAIT! 

    I got an answer so if anyone was interested here is what i got. Also if you have any other ideas then please share!!




    "Yes, you can embed infographics in StoryMaps by exporting infographics to HTML, hosting the HTML file on a web server, then adding an iframe to the body of the story map that points to the hosted HTML file.


    I would suggest you add this as an enhancement request idea in the Business Analyst ideas group as well so other BA users can share their thoughts and feedback on this enhancement request."


    Thank you,

    Praveen Srivastava

    ArcGIS Business Analyst Team