support recompute area for Overlay Layers tool in GeoAnalytices Tools

Idea created by maklesrichina-com-cn-esridist Employee on Oct 7, 2018

    We need this function just like the overlay layer tool does in Standard Tools -> Manage Data. 


    I built a web map: intersect_enhancement for contrast the difference between the intersect result from ga overlay tools and standard analysis tools.


    The link:


    • 国界4p_1_Dice2: input layer
    • clip_polygon: overlay layer
    • Intersect standardanalysis: intersect result by Standard analysis Overlay Layers_intersect tool
    • Intersect ga: intersect result by GeoAnalytics Overlay Layers _intersect tool.




       1, Open this webMap in Map Viewer
       2, then show table for intersect_ga and intersect standardanalysis layer
       3,  the new field with name “Area in Square Kilometers” exist in the intersect_standardanalysis layer
       The enhancement request is ga overlay_intersect result also should provide the recalculate area field for every new feature just like the standard analysis overlay tools does .