Provide the number of records modified and the ability to see those records selected in the attribute table after running a geoprocessing tool

Idea created by tknebel@nisc on Oct 5, 2018
    • tknebel@nisc

    After running the snap geoprocessing tool, I want to get a count of how many features were modified, and I want an option to see those features selected in the attribute table. I need to know which specific records were modified so I can then run a field calculator on one of the fields for each feature that was modified. I basically need to flag the records that were modified after running the geoprocessing tool. I'm a GIS Specialist that works on a production team. From a business standpoint, we need know how many records we are updating so we can run reports for our customers. For example, if I can get a count after running the tool and it informs me 500 records were modified by running the geoprocessing tool, and lets say there is a total of 1000 records, I can then inform the customer that I completed 50% of this portion of the project, assuming we are contracted to snap a specific line feature to a specific point feature. This enhancement requests is not just for the snap geoprocessing tool, but should be applied to all geoprocessing tools. When you open the results window after running a tool, it only tells you if the tool executed or not. We need much more information than that.