Esri's Search Engine

Idea created by abhi.sindal on Oct 3, 2018

    My recommendation to Esri is to create a search engine which would search across Esri's different sites of Products, Applications, Apps, Blogs, Proceedings, White papers, Configurable products (Story maps etc), Community sites, ArcWatch, WhereNext, ArcUser, hundreds of online examples, Training, Videos, Help and so on and so forth, whatever is available in PUBLIC domain.


    We, as Esri users, need it desperately as this Esri's Search Engine will connect all Esri's pages (as mentioned above) at one point.


    It will surely help Esri user to move to the next level because getting information about available examples, docs, videos, concepts would be very easy & quick and it will reduce dependency on other search engines (Google, Bing etc) up to a great extent.Thanks.



    "System of Records" >> "System of Engagement" >> "System of Insights"



    jack dangermond