Field Calculate MGRS/USNG coordinates

Idea created by NZGeoCAD on Sep 26, 2018

    Currently, in order to 'quickly' calculate an MGRS field value for a featureclass in ArcGIS Pro the user needs to:

    1. Add X field
    2. Add Y field
    3. Field calculate X values in Lat long or a XY meters
    4. Field calculate Y values in Lat long or a XY meters
    5. Run the 'Convert Coordinate Notation' tool, inputting those X and Y fields and specifying the input notation (no reading of the actual point geometry and SR!!)
    6. ...which outputs a new FEATURE CLASS!!!? rather than just populating a field in the existing feature class.
    7. So I guess then you could add that new feature class (too bad if you have complex symbology etc) in or join it. More unnecessary steps.


    If you add a new point? Well I guess you have to run separate steps 3-7 again.

    Move a point? Run separate steps 3-7 steps again.


    What a joke.


    How about: 

    1) Add a field (string) to hold the MGRS/USNG values.

    2) Right click, calculate geometry

    3) Set property to MGRS or USNG point coordinate.


    20 seconds vs minutes of work, frustration and unneeded data.


    This idea has been marked by Kory Kramer as a Duplicate of make USNG and MGRS available to auto populate via calc geometry.  Please visit that ideas to up vote and comment.  Thank you.