ArcGIS Pro - Allow to un/lock a selection of layout items in one click, rather than enabling individually

Idea created by ben_vk on Sep 23, 2018
    • ben_vk
    • NathanDuncan
    • jacobbr

    I have just taken a quick video to show what I am talking about - Imgur - but in essence I would love to be able to select two or more layout items (text, scalebars, images etc), then be able to click on one of the padlock icons to lock this selection of items in one hit. 

    Currently we must click each item in the Drawing Order list to lock them, one by one.


    A right click (UN)LOCK LAYER toggle button would be great.


    You will note when you click and drag over multiple layout items, they are selected in the viewer, and also they are shown selected in the TOC view, so the software has detected the layers that are selected, we just cant do much with it!