Pro: Fix Task Bar Icon So It Correctly Displays Project Name...Like Arc

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Sep 21, 2018
    • ben_vk
    • tpcolson
    • NDierks@BoxElder

    With Arc Map, I can multiple MXD's open, and the task bar icon for each will correctly display the name of the MXD. Not only handy, but necessary when rapidly switching between many projects. 


    With Pro, the text "ArcGIS Pro" has been unnecessarily prepended to the icon text, truncating the name of the project. All I see are a bunch of "ArcGIS Pro - My" Icons. Even if I was naming projects other than the default, all I get is "ArcGIS Pro - Big" or "ArcGIS Pro - Sas", when I should be seeing "Bigfoot.aprx" or "Sasquatch.aprx".


    In fact, with other programs, e.g Office Documents, we get the same correct behavior: the name of the file gets priority in the limited icon real estate. 

    No amount of task bar settings correct this. 


    Right-clicking on any Pro icon to get to the correct project or Alt-Tab are not workarounds: They're just more mouse clicks. It worked correctly in Arc Map, why the change?