Change Web Map as an Esri-Widget

Idea created by Liegenschaftsamt on Sep 20, 2018



    wouldn't it be great if Esri developped a Web AppBuilder-Widget to change the layer list in combination with the background maps similar to the ChangeWebMap-Widget of the GeoNet-Community?!

    ChangeWebMap Widget 


    In the web apps of the geoportal of Karlsruhe there are several needs to change the layer list and background map. I succesfully implemented the GeoNet-Widget in the menus "Themen" (english: "layer list") and "Zielgruppenkarten" (english: "maps for target groups") as you can see here:

    ArcGIS Web Application 

    It works but the disadvantages are

    • few configuration possibilities
    • you have to create a web map for every combination of layer list and background map
    • the order of the web map-list can't be defined
    • the web app always restarts when changing a web map
    • in case of problems after updates I would prefer to use Esri-Widgets to get full support


    So please like my idea if you are also interested in such a widget

    Greetings from Germany