Vary Symbology By Rotation accessible by ArcPy?

Idea created by on Sep 19, 2018

    Basically my issue is that ArcGIS Pro rotates symbols very nicely through its GUI according to the values coming from an attribute table variable (Vary symbology by rotation, one of the specific Vary symbology by attribute options), but that I am having difficulty getting ArcPy to do the same thing automatically for the user.  I'm writing a script to process thousands of ship locations and all I want is to turn the ships the direction they are facing via a variable on what the ship heading is, something I can do with manually in ten seconds.


    This comes from the discussion concerning an ArcPy question I had (Let's try this another way:  Is there any way in ArcPy to reproduce the "Vary symbology by rotation" functionality from ArcGIS Pro's GUI?


    Can ArcPy make this Vary symbology by rotation functionality accessible?