Workforce in the Windows 10 App Store

Idea created by Rlittlefield on Sep 18, 2018

    I'd like to have Workforce available as an app in the Windows 10 App Store. My organization uses ruggedized Windows 10 devices in the field and I'd like to have them be able to use Workforce with the Collector App that is already available.


    Some of our inspection workflows use Workforce and Collector and this works seamlessly on iOS in the field. You can switch back and forth between applications without having to go outside the apps. I'd like that similar experience with Windows 10 in the field. I know Workforce can be used through a web browser, however when you're also using Collector as an app it makes sense to have Workforce as an app.


    I'm also aware that Windows is the least popular mobile platform. I personally like iOS, however my Organization chose Windows 10, so I have to support that.  I think at minimum three apps need to be available across all three platforms (iOS, Android, & Windows): 1: Collector (already available) 2: Explorer (separate idea) 3: Workforce (this idea). Thank you.