Please Remove the Auto-Convert in the Distance Tool

Idea created by chmapper on Sep 14, 2018
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    Since 2.2 the ArcGIS Pro Distance tool automatically converts when you change the unit.  I think this is outside the scope of use of this tool.  It should be a simple two step process, enter a value, select the unit, press enter.  I map a lot of deeds throughout the United States, and continually have to switch the distance unite between feet, varas, rods, chains, links, and yards.


    I don't want to change the number, I want to change the unit.  Changing how this tool works was a poor decision.


    Current, incorrect, function of the distance tool: 

    broken distance tool


    Here is an example of how the correct function should be:correct distance tool


    Why this should be corrected, example 1:  100ft and 36VarTX are the same distance, which means the line will draw the same distance, so converting 100ft to 36varTX doesn't actually do or change anything, thus changing the value is meaningless.


    Why this should be corrected, example 2:  If my default is feet, and I want to switch to varas, I either have to go all the way into the settings and change the default, or I have to enter the values into the distance tool backwards i.e. enter the unit then the distance value, which would be fine but the shortcut "d" defaults the selection to the value--not the unit. 


    Original (correct) shortcut key stroke order:  d > value > tab > unit > enter  (5 key strokes)

    new (incorrect) shortcut key stroke order: d > tab > unit > shift+tab > shift+home or delete, delete, delete > value > enter (9 or more key strokes)


    Why this should be corrected, example 3:  When I (or anyone) enters a distance value, we generally already know the distance we want to enter.  in other words, by the time I'm ready to edit a feature, I have the distance value and unit ready.  I don't need to convert it.  That already took place in an earlier workflow step.  This example, however, doesn't really matter, due to example 1, where the line draw distance doesn't change, just the way it's represented.


    ESRI, please remove, relocate, or give me an option to turn off this useless and obstructive feature.


    Dan Patterson John Jones