Suggestion: Support for PBR texture maps in CE

Idea created by Abele_Giandoso on Sep 13, 2018
    • Abele_Giandoso
    • geoinformacao

    Hi all

    I have a suggestion for the next version:

    I was thinking, since now most render engine support PBR, wouldn't it be a blast to update the maps that CE can digest so that:


    - Base Color

    - Roughness,

    - Normals

    - Metallic

    and maybe (Height, Opacity, Emission and AO) are included?


    The specular workflow is a bit outdated after all right? Especially with the new collaboration with the Game Engine Unreal CE is doing PBR rougness workflow is relevant. 


    I am not saying they should render correctly, just that there should be a "slot" for them, a dedicated UV set.

    So that you can plug in Substances outputs maps directly in CE and when you export the connections are already there and it renders PBR correctly.

    Base color, normal and Opacity are there already, so it would be like rearranging connections a bit and add a couple ones . What do you think CE people, is it something doable?