Remove entry from list after it has been surveyed

Idea created by josundwa on Sep 12, 2018
    • red_bull
    • andrea.richardson_anbc
    • josundwa

    From a dropdown list of stores to be surveyed, we would like the app to remove a store once it is surveyed and the form submitted, so that when filling out a survey we are only presented with "unsurveyed" stores. For example:


    Survey has a drop down list with 3 options: A, B, C

    - I arrive at Location 1 and Pick A. 

    - I arrive at Location 2; my options now should be B and C only.

    - I arrive at Location 3; my option now should be C only.


    cc. Hamid Yunus, Craig Valentine, Bekki/Hilary Waskovich/Swain