ArcGIS Online filter users by location/country - a missing feature?

Idea created by Roberto.Martinez_winrockgis on Sep 7, 2018
    Under Consideration
    • Roberto.Martinez_winrockgis
    • billfox
    • AMundal-esristaff

    The organization I work for is an International Non-Profit Organization having a multitude of projects in over 40 countries.  In our current ArcGIS Online account subscription, we need to filter (or identify) our 200+ user accounts either by Country or Projects where they work.


    I have already submitted a Case for the above to Esri Support Services, but unfortunately, they replied, "as of now there is a not a possibility to do the same."


    I wish for this feature be added to help global organizations with AGOL subscriptions view their logistics at a glance: where their employees are deployed worldwide, see what projects they are working on, etc.