Add Latitude & Longitude to the Measure Features Tool in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by jwhite_609C on Aug 27, 2018
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    This idea is for ArcGIS Pro and the Measure Features tool found withing the Inquiry Menu. I believe it would be incredible beneficial to add the location units of Latitude & Longitude to this tool, to get a precise Lat/Long measurement of the feature being measured. This idea would be similar to the available procedure in ArcMap where you can use the "Identify" tool to identify a feature, and select the identified feature to display its various location units that you are able to change such as Feet, Yards, Decimal Degrees, etc along with a multitude of other variations of coordinates. So you have the capability of deriving the Lat/Lon from the map for any feature at the exact location of said feature.


    So far I have seen that you can obtain the Lat/Long of a feature from the ArcGIS Pro Explore tool which is the equivalent to the ArcMap Identify tool, but the only way to change the units is to go through at least 4 menus/sub-menus through the "Project" tab at the top left, which of course is not difficult to do, but very inefficient none the less. So using the Explore tool does display the cursor location using Lat/Long but there is potential for a more efficient process, as well as room for more data about the feature to be displayed vs having to use a completely different measure tool to determine what ArcMap displays with one tool.


    Also, as a side note, and probably necessary to have an entirely separate "New Idea" post, please allow the Explore tool to use a rectangle to "Identify" multiple features or simply add an Identify tool, rendering the aforementioned idea 'Implemented", otherwise you have to click exactly where the feature is located, most times resulting in being a smidgen off from your desired pointer selection location, or selection a feature that is touching, not a big deal, but just as this ability to post for new ideas to improve ArcGIS Pro is here, it's an idea that would progress the program.


    I'll end this post on a humorous acronym spelled out, and with this one, we ALL can rally around

    "Make ArcGIS Great Again"

    hahaha ArcGIS is already great I just couldn't resist the humor! 

    Please up-vote this idea for improving the platform, or at least for my attempt at a funny pun!