Publish Survey(123)s to Enterprise Geodatabase

Idea created by Roger.Farmer_AEL on Aug 23, 2018

    It would be awesome if we were able to have another option to be able to publish a survey to an Enterprise SDE database.

    We already have the infrastructure and have the ease and ability to secure and analyze with various methods.

    To have this same access, I am

    1. Creating a survey which is probably the easiest way to create a DB schema AND questionnaire at the same time
    2. Publishing to AGOL (because exporting from hosted feature layer to FGDB from portal 10.6.1 fails) and exporting from there
    3. Copying feature classes into and importing tables to SDE EGDB
    4. Rebuilding attachments, tables, relationships and lost domains and default values
    5. Adding global ids, setting archiving etc.
    6. Publishing a new service that isn't hosted
    7. Setting the submission URL in the form
    8. and hope for the best

    There has to be an easier way.