Report Exporting on all GIS Data- Not just Survey123

Idea created by jhead@lakeworth on Aug 15, 2018

    They ability to now export formatted reports on Survey123 records is great. Querying desired records and having them displayed on custom branding reports greatly promotes GIS ROI.

    It would be beneficial to have this report functionality established for all feature services in ArcGIS Online. The ability to have a widget you can implement in Operations Dashboards would even further benefit the GIS community.

    In addition create a solution like this in desktop environment as well like in ArcGIS PRO.


    Simply add a Feature Class, Shapefile, etc.  in the tool, point the tool to your source report document and select ALL* records or have a SQL Expression, or have the option to use only selected records. Then have it spit out the reports in your desired output location.


    I don't see why this amazing new feature is only available for Survey123 hosted feature services, it should be implemented throughout the entire ESRI software suite.  Derek Law