Auto refresh Operations Dashboard

Idea created by ra_epgeospatialdatacenter on Aug 14, 2018

    We have been using Operations Dashboard in an Emergency Management situation and one thing that we cannot do that is a problem, is have the dashboard refresh automatically.  I know you set up a refresh interval on the map services in the underlying web map and these are honored in the dashboard widgets/tools, but I'm talking about a mechanism to refresh the OVERALL dashboard.  For example, I was asked to add a new element to the dashboard mid-activation.  I then had to tell all of the folks running the large screens to manually refresh the dashboard in order to see the changes.  This is unacceptable as there is no way to track or know who has the app open and it has been causing confusion because then different folks are seeing different version of the app.  And in a dynamic and always changing event, a dynamic refresh on the whole dashboard, and all of the tools NEEDS to be implemented.