Enable Survey123 compatibility with Distributed Collaboration environments (Portal & ArcGIS Online)

Idea created by Amanda.Huber@threeriversparks.org_trpd on Aug 14, 2018
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    When creating a survey using a feature service hosted in ArcGIS Server, federated with Portal for ArcGIS, and added to ArcGIS Online, an error is returned, "Invalid Token".


    Use Case:

    We are currently publishing on-premise referenced data from their enterprise database to a portal federated server. This live connection to the data is then viewable in Portal. They are then registering these publicly shared layers with AGOL using the collaboration method, which is the same as manually adding this public service to AGOL or using Python as a transport.


    Ideally, using S123 for AGOL would provide a more stable platform for us to create our surveys off of, while still maintaining our Federated Server/Portal environment. We do not want to require passing a token as the workaround  for this because this is currently not part of our workflow and is the whole reason for distributed collaboration in the first place. At this point we would like to have the opportunity to build a survey off of the AGOL item and share this survey with the community.


    Thanks so much!