Pro: Allow importing schema from non GDB items....Like Arc.....

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Aug 3, 2018
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    A pretty common workflow is to go from some kind of table (e.g Excel, DBF, CSV, etcc) to a feature class in situations where you need a schema, have a definition, but the source doesn't have any geographic data. E.g we have a schema for fire hydrants (pipe size, gallons per minute, inspection date, about 40 fields) in some horrible database, I can export the inventory table as a csv, import it into the new Feature Class UI in Arc Catalog, publish it as a service, use it in Collector or S123. All in about 30 minutes. Not so in Pro. In Pro, when creating a new feature class, the only source from which you can import the schema is another feature or object class. Import the file into a GDB, one might say. More steps, one will respond. If the functionality existed in Arc, it should be in Pro.....