Location/Copy path in PRO (for python scripting)

Idea created by JMKling on Aug 2, 2018

    I talked to a representative about this at the developers summit but wanted to also put it here.


    I do a lot of scripting in python and rely heavily on the path location functionality in arcmap to quickly get and copy the paths to featureclasses, geodatabases, and rasters.   


    in Arcmap:


    To get "a" path in PRO, you have to open the catalog, drill down to the database, dataset, and then featureclass or other data to get the path up to that point. You still have to then type out the name of the data.  Also, the path in PRO goes to the connection file location and then to the data in the database. This provides problems with sharing scripts, since others will not have access to your connection file location. 



    I'd like the Arcmap location ability in PRO to easily copy the paths to data:


     Database Connections\XXXX@coopsde.sde\coopview.sde.hydrography_CLC\coopview.sde.lakes


    Adding a copy path to the right click menu would be great.