Add Mirror Tool in Pro

Idea created by dhuber_ClarkNexsenGIS on Aug 1, 2018

    I need the Mirror Features tool!  I took the Cartography. MOOC and recently attended the Migrating to Pro live-instructor class in Vienna, VA. Both gave me access to Pro (since I do not have it on my machine yet).  I looked and looked for this tool, but could not find it anywhere. 


    My use case: Field collecting and developing existing Neighborhood site plans. This 2-second mirroring operation saves hours of time over the life of a project such as this. 


    To add this tool in Desktop was simple - add the Editor toolbar --> Rt click as if to add another toolbar --> scroll down to the bottom to Customize --> Open Commands tab --> Search by "Mirror" --> Choose the Editor version (the icon with two triangles separated by a line and an arrow from one triangle to the other).  Drag the icon to the Editor toolbar.  Voila!  Now mirroring a polygon, line work or a group of points is as simple as selecting the objects and drawing a 'flip line'.  The selected items appear on the other side of the flip line.  PLEASE bring this into Pro!

      Mirror Features Tool Eaxmple