Define Available Scale Levels for Operations Dashboard

Idea created by jroge087 on Jul 30, 2018
    • Craig.Mueller_cadoc
    • bfausel
    • rozekc_washtenaw

    It would be useful to be able to limit which scale levels are available in an Operations Dashboard application (similar to the functionality available in a web app builder template).


    This would be very useful when displaying public facing dashboards containing semi-sensitive information – where the exact location of a point would ideally not be shown past a certain scale.


    A couple examples of this where this would be useful in my experience are when displaying electric outages to the meter, or bylaw infractions to the address.  In these cases, we would like to show the location on the map but only make this visible to the Neighbourhood level.  It is confusing to the end user when the data disappears, but they can continue to zoom in further on the map.