Restore Buffer Wizard in ArcGIS Pro

Idea created by evtguy on Jul 26, 2018
    Not in Current Product Plan

    The Buffer Wizard was a tool in Arcmap that was available but hidden by default. It walked the user through a 3 step process to buffer either features or graphic objects within the map, all within the same wizard dialog. Now, in ArcGIS Pro, the functionality has been broken up into discreet geoprocessing tools which lack the same functionality as its elder tool in Arcmap. For example, when creating a graphic buffer, the option to include/remove the inside of a polygon to be buffered is no longer available. Another option missing from the Pro side of the equation is the ability to create a series of buffered rings off of the feature. Finally, the Pro implementation of buffers does not provide the option of preserving or dissolving the individual buffers created when applying the buffer tool to multiple features.