Allow 'Photos and Files' column to be used for symbology and labelling

Idea created by ben_vk on Jul 19, 2018
    • NathanDuncan

    I have tables in my AGOL organisation, and each time a user takes a photo or adds an attachment to a feature it is shown in the Photos and Files column (highlighted in the below image)


    AGOL Table


    I would love to be able to symbolise my features based on this column, for example large red dots if there are no attachments (0), and small green ones one there is > 0 attachments. This way the user can see which features have already been audited, and which ones haven't (i understand there are other ways to symbolise, but this would be very simple and efficient I think).


    Also we should be able to use this column to create labels, I would love the user to be able to zoom around my points, and if there is > 0 attachments then a label appear over the point showing the number of attachments to that feature.


    Reasonably simple ideas that would be very powerful if available to use.


    Nathan Duncan Jacob Brisolin Henry Clark