Share to individual users - much needed for AGOL to be useful in business

Idea created by leslie.araujo_ColliersGIS on Jul 17, 2018

    Our organization needs to be able to share items to individual clients. A lot of the time the information we are mapping is confidential, so we really need to have an easier way to do this that doesn't require the usage of groups - which are limited anyway. To be able to scale the usage of AGOL within our company, this something would really help. And note: Sharing in general needs to be refined. At this point, many sharing aspects of AGOL (ex: REQUIRING someone to have an AGOL account to see anything in the org) is a big road block. It translates into a complicated experience for our internal teams and results in a less-than-ideal experience for our clients - something that is unacceptable.


    Maybe try exploring ways in which AGOL might be better adjusted for business instead of mainly focusing on public sector?


    Someone else also posted about this a while ago: How can I securely share an online map or web app with clients?