Please add the ability to adjust the pooling (number of instances) of a service shared from the share pane in ArcGIS Pro.

Idea created by deleted-user-8KkqhMYcTNGx on Jul 11, 2018

    Currently there is no way to adjust the pooling (number of instances) for a map service shared to portal or ArcGIS Online via the Share As Web Layer pane in ArcGIS Pro. Currently the workflow is:

    1. Share As Web Layer
    2. Configure all of the parameters
    3. Analyze
    4. Publish
    5. Login to ArcGIS Server Manager
    6. Find the Service you just shared
    7. Click Pooling
    8. Edit the Service and Adjust the Min and Max number of instances.


    In ArcMap the Workflow is:

    1. From an Mxd Share as Service
    2. Select Service
    3. Configure all of the parameters in the Service Editor
      1. Pooling is an option in the Services Editor and the Min and Max number of Instances can be adjusted here.
    4. Analyze
    5. Publish


    I have laid out the two workflows to show that a simpler workflow in ArcGIS Pro could improve the user experience of the publishers that know that a service they are publishing will receive more traffic. We have several services that we know are going to receive a large amount of traffic and it is nice to be able to adjust the number of instances during the time of publishing. 

    Thank you for everything and have a delightful day.



    Joe Guzi