Support 'Map' Object for GenerateTileCacheTilingScheme 'in_dataset'

Idea created by sgonzalez_bha on Jul 11, 2018

    With the advent of ArcGIS Pro, some new advantages for creating and publishing tile caches were introduced. The ability to create Vector Tile Packages (.vtpk) are particularly impressive; however, the inability to utilize an ArcGIS Pro Project's (.aprx) 'Map' object as the input for the arcpy.GenerateTileCacheTilingScheme_management function is quite limiting. 


    At present, I've had to create two separate scripts -- one to run ArcGIS Desktop's Python 2.7 distribution with the 'mapping' module and the other to run ArcGIS Pro's Python 3.x distribution with the *updated* 'mp' module -- in order to programmatically add layers from a data source into an Map Document (.mxd) and subsequently create/publish a Vector Tile Package from the mxd's layers.


    Instead of switching between Python environments, it is recommended to allow the ArcGIS Project's 'Map' objects as the 'in_dataset' for the arcpy.GenerateTileCacheTilingScheme_management  function.


    Furthermore, the ability to create Vector Tile Packages from Annotation Feature Classes would be ideal, as I've not found a way to work around this.