Have the default print service return layout map element dimensions

Idea created by joyoung_kerrvilletx on Jul 3, 2018
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    I request that an enhancement be made to the default print service to have it return a graphic that could be provided to the Print widget to show on the web map the dimensions of the layout template's map element.


    One of the biggest complaints that I have received since moving our organization to ArcGIS Enterprise from ArcMap is that the exporting experience is woefully lacking. Currently it takes several tries to get the focal point of the map centered in the export, and once that is done it takes a few more tries to get the scale where it needs to be, which is often in between the standard scale levels. It would be very handy if the print service returned the dimensions of the map element from the layout template and then the Print widget draws a graphic on the map based on those dimensions so the user can immediately see what the result is going to be.


    A great example of the end result is Larry Stout 's Print Plus widget that he made a few years ago.