ArcGIS Pro: Allow panning and zooming while using the "Select by Polygon" tool

Idea created by azendel on Jul 3, 2018
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    This is the "Select by polygon" tool that I'm talking about:



    Here's what's currently happening in Pro 2.1.2.  I click the select by polygon tool and then start selecting parcels on the map.  When I pan or zoom the map, the selection sketch that I've started is cleared or deleted.  The panning and zooming actions that cause this:


    1) switching to the Explore tool by clicking it on the tool ribbon

    2) zooming by rolling the mouse wheel

    3) panning by pushing down on the mouse wheel


    When I do any of the above, the selection "sketch" disappears and I have to start over. That's a bit aggravating. Please allow select sketch persist after moving the map.  


    I did search through the Pro help/documentation and I did look at the options, but didn't find a way to prevent this from happening. Am I missing something?