Globally Set Lock Database Schema when Publishing Services

Idea created by mwawryk on Jul 3, 2018

    We like to have all of our web services with database locking turned off.  When the schema is locked the services can prevent SDE from compressing. I would like to change this so when we add a new web service, it is database locking unchecked (false) by default rather than checked (true).  There should be a config file somewhere that can be changed so the default is set to false but there doesn't seem to be.  I realize that we can easily change it every single time I add a web service but it only takes on to be forgotten to cause issues and if it is on by default it should also be able to be off by default.


     Tanu Hoque Nidhin Karthikeyan brian bieber Alison Gaiser Jason Greenlaw

    Lock Database Schema - where to change default behavior?