Extra functionality to Insights for ArcGIS

Idea created by niklasg@geoinfo.dk on Jul 2, 2018

    Hi GeoNet


    Some few ideas for Insights for ArcGIS to consider.


    It would be useful if graphs in Insights for ArcGIS could support labels and % indicators, so the values are shown at all times instead of only mouse over.

    It would also be useful if it was possible to set up bar/column charts with several indicators like for instance the value shown within the bar/column and the percentage of a total value on the y-axis:

    And lastly the possibility to add arrows and text boxes to the different cards to make it possible for 3rd part users to easier understand what the analysis show. When the cards are simply handed on with only a title it can be difficult for others who have not worked with the data to understand the analysis.




    #Insights for ArcGIS