Deal with broken datasources in an MXD better

Idea created by ramotswa on May 4, 2010
     The problem:
    You have taken ages over making an mxd file for a client, and have styled it all great etc. You take it over to the client and obviously your database connections do not match up. So the MXD tries to connect to each dataset and fails, but this takes forever if you have an average number of layers. 

    The current solution:
    Go through arc catalog and do a "set data sources". But this will traverse through all the data connections and try to reconnect to them before bringing up the window to set the data sources. Even when this is up, using this dialog is quite buggy in my experience.

    The proposed IDEA;
    Allow the user to somehow open the mxd "cold", i.e. without attempting to connect to the data sources. This could be either through a right click menu item, or if you hold down ctrl, or even through the "open" dialog in ArcMap. This would make life a lot easier, as the datasources could then be replaced across the mxd. 
    Hope that makes sense!