'Paint Brush' for editing feature attribute

Idea created by sunbeam.rahman_idss on Jul 1, 2018
    • rahmansunbeam
    • sunbeam.rahman_idss

    I need a 'paint brush' similar to the tool above from eCognition. The tool will help convert all the shapes/ pixels of a set of attributes to a single attributes whenever the brush touches them. The target attribute set can be filtered by 'filter clauses' or simple 'toggling'. The brush size can also changed, when turned off the mouse pointer will click-and-convert the features. 


    Use case 

    • manual dizitization of a thematic rasters to eliminate 'salt-and-pepper' effects
    • minimize edit time to fix mixed land use classes of a feature class, or (if combined with topology error fixing tools) fixing errors
    • select very small features with mouse, edit, remove, convert or even symbolize them.