Allow the restoration of a single item with WebgisDR

Idea created by Guus.Klaas_stedin on Jun 26, 2018
    • JSpence@bellevuewa.gov_cobgis
    • kuranda_mmb
    • joyoung_kerrvilletx
    • sadams@gissurveyors.com_GISSurveyors

    We're running a 10.6 ArcGIS Enterprise site consisting of a portal and a redundant server site with a single ArcGIS Datastore (just relational & tile), together with several enterprise database connections. Our portal's got a lot of content, some of them complicated layers, some of them mere references to external services. Out of our many users, it happens once in a blue monday that someone deletes something they weren't supposed to... No issue, we have a back-up... one would think... WebGisDR is sadly just a full deal... we'd love to be able to restore just a single item from backup! Preferably easy (WebGisDR is easy to a command-line fault but it could be easier!). Attached you'll find an example. It'd be lovely to get that back on its same position!