"List" widget for Dashboard Theme

Idea created by jroland@swbno.org_swbno on Jun 25, 2018
    • ceran_hibbard
    • jroland@swbno.org_swbno
    • eshreve_azdema
    • lsaunders

    I would like to see a List widget similar to the Operations Dashboard List function.


    I have compared and contrasted Operations Dashboard to WAB Operations theme. I like both for different reasons but the WAB Operations theme sorely needs a "List" widget that can display a filtered list of features. The Info Summary widget can list features that the user can click on, but it does not have any filtering capability nor does it have options to make the feature flash or zoom the map to it.


    Being able to show a filtered list is critical to the dashboard. I don't want users to see outdated data. For example, we're tracking daily street closure advisories that our city publishes when street work is performed. I would like to show a list of current or upcoming street closures, but not ones that have expired.


    My request is to either create a new List widget or perhaps expand the functionality of the Info Summary widget to achieve the same results.