Pro: When viewing metadata, do not check "Show Details Panel" automatically

Idea created by tpcolson Champion on Jun 23, 2018
    • Hornbydd
    • tpcolson
    • shlousek

    Due to the global (slow) performance issues with Pro <-> SDE, we have to keep "Show Details Panel" checked off, otherwise simply clicking on a SDE feature class in Catalog View turns into a go grow, roast, and grind the coffee beans wait. So when ever I need to look at metadata, I just right-click on the FC and select "View Metadata". 


    Imagine my surprise when, after "Viewing Metadata", the next FC I clicked on (where I had no intent or desire to look at metadata) presented a wait opportunity where I could grow a different flavor of coffee bean (to roast, grind, and brew) while I waited for the FC Properties to open. 



    Huh? Why is the Details Pane open? That's why it's taking so long!!!


    Lookee there, the  "Show Details Panel" is checked. Wait a minute, I never check that. When ever you right-click on a FC and "View Metadata", I guess the developers figured you always want to view metadata, which is the exact opposite of what a user would expect when unchecking that option. I only want to view metadata when I right-click on something and select "View Metadata". That option should not be checked unless I put the mouse in the box and check it, which will never happen. I shouldn't have to uncheck that option every time I choose to right-click on something and look at metadata.