ESRI Enterprise Deploy Outside Default VPC in AWS

Idea created by vince_ulfig_insitu on Jun 22, 2018
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    ESRI Enterprise deployment tools for AWS currently use Amazon Web Services (AWS) CloudFormation technology in 3 ways:

    • AWS CloudFormation at the AWS Console
    • ESRI CloudBuilder CLI on Windows
    • ESRI Python SDK for AWS CloudFormation


    The three ESRI AWS deployment technologies above currently support only the Default VPC in AWS.

    AWS VPCs are separate networks; a non-cloud analogy would be a LAN.


    Reasons ESRI deployment and other tech should support VPCs other than the Default VPC:

    • Every AWS Account allows AWS customers to use zero to many VPCs.
      • Zero VPCs = AWS Classic
    • ESRI Customers have existing tech deployed outside the Default VPC that must be integrated with ESRI tech.
    • ESRI Customers have customers that have existing tech deployed outside the Default VPC that must be integrated with ESRI tech.
    • System Administrators recommend against using the Default VPC because it is more hackable than other VPCs.
      • An analogy would be the Microsoft Windows Guest Account.


    Use Case:

    • Insitu / Boeing has created a DropBox-like technology named INEXA Cloud that is hosted by Insitu.
      • Insitu created INEXA Cloud in part because it keeps data on private networks.
      • Insitu deploys INEXA Cloud outside the Default VPC.
      • Insitu customers deploy INEXA Cloud on several VPCs to segregate data for different projects and customers and security requirements.
      • INEXA Cloud stores data on AWS EFS (Elastic File System).
      • Insitu wants to integrate INEXA Cloud EFS storage with ESRI ArcGIS Server.
      • Insitu wants ESRI ArcGIS Server and GeoEvent Server to mount EFS in VPCs that are not the Default VPC and serve data from VPCs that are not the Default VPC.
      • Insitu and Boeing want to buy more ESRI tech and enable Insitu and Boeing customer so buy more ESRI tech.
      • Insitu builds and operates UAVs (drones) and makes more aircraft for Boeing per year than any other Boeing aircraft.
      • ESRI might have some interest in these customers and their products and requirements: