Update URL for Federated Server

Idea created by nicholas.roehrdanz on Jun 14, 2018
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    My organization recently migrated our ArcGIS Enterprise to a new server.  We intended to re-use the URL from the previous Enterprise setup, but didn't want to redirect everything until we verified the new site was working properly.  W hen we configured the new site, we used the machinename.domainname for the federated server URL.  Everything seemed OK until we redirected the URL from the old site to the new site's IP.  We found that because we federated the server with the machine name, and were using integrated Windows authentication, the Portal credentials could not pass on to the Server and users were prompted to login twice, once for each URL.  The only way to "update" the URL for the federated server would have been to unfederate and then refederate, which many people know opens up a whole bunch of problems (there really needs to be a way to do this without everything breaking, but that's for another idea suggestion).  In sum, there should be a way to update the URL for the federated server, especially in the case when it's the same IP address.