Improve ArcGIS Pro TOC Performance

Idea created by shlousek on Jun 13, 2018
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    Right now while working with Layouts the Table of Contents is not "snappy".  For example, when I switch between two different Layouts sometimes the TOC will not update at the same time I click on a new Layout tab.  The TOC should update to the TOC for the table selected immediately.  


    Working with items in the TOC is "choppy".  For example, when I delete items from the TOC it often jumps back to the top.  Selecting and moving items within the TOC can also be tricky. It often seems to jump back to the top or doesn't allow me to grab the item to be moved.  


    Finally, while moving, (Dragging), selecting, and turning layers on and off there is a delay (1-2 seconds) where nothing else can be done.  (Everything is grayed/darkened for 1-2 seconds), and then the Table of Contents seems to have to update.  1-2 seconds doesn't seem like much, but over the course of time those seconds add up and most importantly it slows users down and can lead to mistakes.


    Overall I like the direction the designers are heading in the Table of Contents and even Legend creation and editing is generally heading the right way but the interface needs to be improved considerably.  


    FWIW I'm working with a decent computer.  I'll attach screenshots. (The GPU is duel).