Add Performance Graphs to ArcGIS Ideas

Idea created by dwwheelock on Jun 11, 2018

    Please add Performance Graphs to ArcGIS Ideas for Score and Views.  I'll bet the ESRI design team already uses graphs like these to evaluate ideas.  Let us have them, too. 


    You could have two graphs for each, one graph showing

    • Total Score or Views / Time
    • Rate of Change per Time Interval / Time


    Here's an example of how it might look:

    This would be a total of 4 graph options. 


    You could default to the Score graph and have toggle buttons to switch to Views.  Or maybe have a drop-down, so they're hidden to simplify the page when opening the idea and then click the drop down to view the graphs.


    Previously submitted as Add a trend-line graph of promotions over time to each Ideas page.  This request will now be tracked through this most recent idea.