RAM/Memory Allocation for Pro

Idea created by nfazer_midlandcounty on Jun 6, 2018
    • mvolz47

    I'd like to see a setting in ArcGIS Pro to set a limit to the amount of RAM Pro can use in a session. I have 12GB of RAM and right now Pro basically wants to use whatever it can get its hands on, sometimes using up to 6GB-8GB of RAM. Usually it hovers around 3-4GB of RAM and up to 50% CPU just sitting idle with a few maps open in a project. This causes issues when I have other programs open - Outlook, Chrome, ArcGIS Desktop, etc. I want to be able to tell Pro "Only use X GB of RAM per session" or something similar so that my computer isn't being taxed solely by Pro. Having to close out every program on my machine because Pro is trying to use all my RAM is not reasonable, nor efficient.


    Update: I spoke with a developer at the UC and explained the situation a bit more. Although it's ironic that for years we all wanted ArcMap to use MORE ram and cpu on 64-bit machines, Pro goes the other way too far, using too much. My thought is having a Laptop or Workstation Mode in Pro's settings. Laptop mode would utilize less resources and realize that the machine has no dedicated GPU, whereas Workstation mode would utilize what it could and realize a dedicated GPU is present.

    If Pro is the future of the Desktop environment, the Devs have to realize that not everyone is going to be running Pro on a $5,000 professional workstation. We all use mid-range laptops with 8/12GB ram and i5/i7 processors. Pro will have to be scalable for the machine it's on.