ArcGIS Pro - Core application features should not be geoprocessing tasks you have to run.

Idea created by RAY.MANGAN@CH2M.COM_CH2MHILL on Jun 6, 2018
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    I'm not sure I'm understanding some of the design philosophy in Pro. Many standard functions from ArcMap are now Geoprocessing tasks that need to searched for and run. Productivity wise this seems to be a step backwards. Please consider implementing some of these commonly used feature from ArcMap into Pro. Off the top of my head, some commonly used features that now need to be run as Tasks:


    - Create Geodatabase

    - Assign Domains to Fields

    - Calculate X/Y Geometry for an attribute.

    - (plenty more I'm forgetting)


    If I want to export one of our features to send a .gdb to a client here's the workflow...


    1) Review feature in the map, right click it in the ToC and select Data -> Export Features

    2) This bring ups the Copy Feature GP tool

    3) Set your output Feature Class location

    4) Choose a folder that already exists. If you want to create a new folder sorry, cancel the tool, and go create a new folder if it's one of your mapped folders in Catalog. Want to create a sub folder inside a mapped folder in Catalog? Sorry, go use Windows Explorer for that.

    5) Ok folder is set, back to the Copy Feature GP tool, select output Feature Class location as your new folder. Oh wait we want to create a new Geodatabase. Cancel the tool again.

    6) Search for the Create Geodatabase GP tool & run it.

    7) Finally go back and use the Copy Feature GP tool


    We need more core features in Pro from ArcMap that aren't Geoprocessing Tools.