Web AppBuilder Geometry Edit Improvements

Idea created by idaeus on Jun 4, 2018

    The edit widget and online documentation could use several improvements when editing existing geometry, specifically polygons, including:


    1. Ability to move popup off of selected feature being edited

    2. Ability to do sketches, especially on polygons, such as undoing previous action before committing the entire edit, only to find that you have to undo the entire edit just to fix one wrong part.

    3. Keep the  autocomplete tool active to use (like the icon seems to indicate) so one can do multiple auto completes without having to click down the tool each time.  bug submitted for this :  BUG-000114305: The Auto Complete function in the Edit widget does not work properly more than once unless the drawing tool is changed to something different then back to Auto Complete.

    4. Modify how the graphic handles on a selected feature to prevent users from inadvertently stretching a polygon. See images below.

    5. Improve overall performance : many first clicks when drawing lines to create or reshape features do not register in the app.

    6. Allow freehand reshaping and cutting of polygons instead of having to click every vertex.

    7. Change the union tool to merge like it's always been termed in desktop when combining multiple features.

    8. Add some controls or confirmations when one deletes existing geometry

    9. maintain the layer selection in widget while using tools so that user is clear what layer is being worked on. Now the user has to keep selecting the target layer, else they are not sure if they'll mess up other features.

    10. add ability to create holes in polygons, or doughnut polygons

    11. work with users to drive re-design