Create four+ Site radius/drivetimes in Business Analyst online/web app

Idea created by ksmith06 on Jun 7, 2018
    • JPreysner-esristaff
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    Mostly I run sites in Canada but this applies generally. I want to run a radius analysis around a location for four distance rings. I can only select up to three. I know I workaround this (run 3, create report then repeat for 4th band) but it doubles report creation which I think is unnecessary.


    Further, I've noticed that my US report (customised from Esri report) contains a summary (e.g. "In the identified area, the current year population is X." I find these summaries a bit pointless because they only refer to the data in the first band. I'd like to see these removed or customised to reflect data from each band.

    Praveen Srivastava




    bao web app


    PS Further to this, I realised that although I can create a report using a workaround, it's not exactly straightforward to create a map of all the radii. In this case I'll use my desktop ArcMap but not everyone would have this option.